Korhogo is the most important city of the Senufo country, in the center of Ivory Coast. The colour of the Korhogo traditional tapestries is black, and recently the colours brown and ochre have been added. They use to represent animals, and moments of the Senoufo initiation rites. Designs are schematic and flat. They just represent the main lines, without details. The outlines are thick, surrounding the whole figure. Light is not taken into consideration.

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nš 12

(sold) (sold) nš 137 (sold) nš 141

(sold) nš 148 nš 149 nš 150 nš 152 nš 153

nš 158 nš 160 (sold) nš 162 nš 163 nš 164

nš 165 nš 166 nš 167 nš 168 nš 169 (sold)

nš 171 nš 172 (sold) (sold) nš 175 (sold)

nš 177 (sold) nš 179 nš 180 (sold) nš 182

(sold) nš 184 nš 185 nš 186 nš 187 nš 188

nš 189 nš 190 nš 191 nš 192 nš 193


If you want to see photos of the process of manufacture of the Korhogo tapestries, please click HERE.

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